Power bank vs capacity. The most important thing to buy

A power bank, or portable charger, is a great addition to your smartphone or tablet. Plug it in, press a button, and you’re done – your device is charged. But there are hundreds of different power banks on the market. What is the most important thing when buying one?

Power bank must be capacious / Photo by Sai Balaji Varma, Unsplash.com

Although power banks are simple devices, you still need to consider several options when buying one. For example, imagine that you are just finishing a long car ride and you find that you have almost completely discharged both your phone and the power bank. If the power bank has a pass-through charging feature, you can plug it into an outlet and plug your phone into it at the same time – all devices will be charged.

Or another issue – the selection of ports. There’s USB-A? Fine, but what about USB-C? Micro-USB? Or maybe even Lightning? The selection of appropriate ports is another thing to pay attention to when buying. Still, not the most important one.

The most important thing is capacity, so buy a power bank that will not disappoint

The obvious feature to pay attention to – and also the most important. It is the number of mAh (milliampere-hours), which the higher it is, the better.

A power bank with a capacity of up to 7500 mAh is usually enough to charge a modern smartphone once. After that, you will need to plug it into an outlet. If we have a model with a capacity of about 15 000 mAh, it should be enough for two phones, or two charges of one. Certainly, such a model is advisable when we travel far and with several people.

There are also larger power banks, with a capacity of more than 15,000 mAh. These are suitable for people who use several devices, or very intensively at least two.

Of course, the more capacious the power bank, the heavier and larger it becomes. While it is easy to forget that we are carrying a “power bank” with a capacity of 4000 mAh, at 20,000 mAh its presence will already be felt. Here it is worth adding that while most power banks can be carried in hand luggage, models with a capacity greater than approx. 25 000 mAh can no longer be taken on board a plane. They can even be confiscated by airport staff. So if you want a power bank, it should be a capacious one, but without exaggeration.

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