Polestar sold its first electric car in exchange for a piece of art

Some time ago, Swedish car company Polestar launched a unique Art for Art initiative that offered to exchange an object of art for a Polestar 1 electric car.

Now Polestar has announced that the first such deal has taken place. The Polestar 1 car was sold to an unnamed street art collector from Sweden.

The idea behind the action was that the Polestar 1 was produced in a very limited edition of just 1,500 units. And such a car itself would soon become a collector’s item. The Art for Art campaign was originally announced last summer, but it took a long time to get all sorts of approvals.

Polestar received 500 applications from artists and collectors for the campaign. In exchange for the electric car, they offered sculptures, prints, photographs, paintings, and installations. Swedish investor and collector Theodore Dalenson acted as Polestar’s consultant.

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