PlayStaiton 5 without exclusives few people need, or is it just a shortage? Console sales have plummeted

Sony has published its regular quarterly sales report. We’ll talk about the report itself later, but for now it’s worth touching on the PlayStation 5.

As it turned out, the Japanese giant sold only 2 million consoles last quarter. And this is much less than a year ago, when 3.3 million were sold. And, given the huge demand, it is in the shortage of consoles. It turns out that at least last quarter it was stronger than a year ago.

For the fiscal year, the company sold 11.5 million last-generation consoles, though it originally planned to sell 14.8 million. All told, Sony sold 19.3 million PS5s at the end of last quarter. Now the console is catching up with the GameCube with its 21.74 million copies sold, and the next target will be the original Xbox with 24 million consoles sold.

For the new fiscal year, the company has also lowered its targets, from 22.6 million to 18 million PS5 consoles, meaning the company expects the deficit to remain relatively high.

As for other numbers, PS Plus subscribers dropped from 48 million to 47.4 million, but that may be due to the desire of some to wait for the launch of Sony’s updated subscription.

True, at the same time, game sales declined as well. Sony sold $303.2 million worth of PS4 and PS5 games for the fiscal year, compared to $338.8 million a year earlier. Sales of Sony’s own games fell from $58.4 million to $43.9 million.

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