Personnel changes at Motorola

Fabio Capocchi

Fabio Capocchi has taken up the position of General Manager of the Mobile Business Group (MBG) in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). He will play a key role in maintaining the high growth rate of MBG’s EMEA division after an extremely successful financial year 2021/2022. The EMEA region is now of key importance to Motorola.

Fabio Capocchi will replace Francois LaFlamme in this position, who has led Motorola’s EMEA region since September 2019. LaFlamme remains with the division and will serve as Motorola’s global marketing director and strategy leader.

Motorola is part of Lenovo’s Intelligent Devices Group. It is a global division comprising the PC and Smart Devices and Mobile Business Group units. The division offers products, software, and services: c from PCs and smartphones to smart solutions that have a real impact on improving ongoing collaborations, as well as address augmented and virtual reality.

“We remain focused on growing our mobile segment across the region. Motorola is enjoying continued success and has delivered promising financial results in recent quarters. However, we continue to look for ways to increase our growth momentum.” – said Francois Bornibus, Senior Vice President Lenovo & President, Lenovo EMEA. “I am confident that under Fabia’s new leadership Motorola can take the next step towards even more impressive growth across EMEA.”

Fabio Capocchi most recently worked in Spain, where he led Lenovo’s product and marketing team in the Iberian Peninsula. His achievements played a decisive role in the company’s consolidation of its leading position in the PC segment and gaining record market share in the Android monitor and tablet branches.

Prior to his career at Lenovo, he held various positions at the European subsidiaries of Epson and Asus, where he was responsible for business development, product management, and sales and marketing.

“Motorola boasts tremendous growth and success over its long history. On the threshold of the new financial year, the brand is on its best path yet to increase market share across the EMEA region.” – believes Capocchi. “I am confident that we can further enhance this growth momentum for the Motorola brand with my fantastic team and get ready for many exciting new developments.”

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