Pay in Yandex services now possible without entering the data of a bank card

The Yandex team announced that its branded services have begun accepting payments through the Quick Payment System (QPS).

Thus, it is now possible to pay with this method in Yandex.Market, Yandex.Food and Yandex.Shop. Online payment via SBP allows you not to enter your bank card data: just choose your bank and pay in its mobile app.

Yandex.Market has another plus in payment via SBP: if you return items from an order, the marketplace can immediately transfer back the money for the purchase. When paying by bank card it usually takes up to three days for a refund;

As the developers note, Yandex services are adding payment through SBP gradually. Now you can pay by this method in the mobile applications Market and Lavka, as well as on the site and in the application Food. Soon payments through SBP will be available on these services for all platforms, and it will also be possible to pay in this way in Taxi with the help of Yandex Go.

Recall, SBP is a service of the Bank of Russia and the National Payment Card System, which allows you to send money to other people and pay for goods and services – both online and offline. To pay for purchases through SBP, all you need is a smartphone with a camera and a bank app that has the ability to make payments this way (NFC support on the phone is not needed for this).

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