Paid internship in IT – in the U.S. we will earn up to 35 thousand zlotys a month

Shortage of specialists is a real problem. Companies in the U.S., wanting to fight for the best talent, are ready to pay interns as much as $ 9667 per month (41 400 PLN). Much more often, however, earnings are around 35,000 PLN.

An intern in the U.S. will earn as much as a director of a large company in our country / Photo: Sung Shin,

For years, Wall Street was the place for young and hungry graduates hoping for a successful career. But then the financial industry’s reputation suffered due to its role in the subprime mortgage crisis, and young professionals began flocking to the bustling Silicon Valley firms.

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According to Lauren Thomas, who works at Glassdoor, right now Wall Street still provides the highest salaries, but the tech industry is definitely catching up. In recent years, it has solidified its position as the top place for new talent. Two years ago, the IT industry accounted for less than half of the companies on the list of highest-paid internships, and now it’s 68%.

A paid internship in the IT world. You will earn huge money in the US

Thomas explains that the technology and finance industries compete fiercely for top professionals. Thus, video game platform Roblox Corp. today topped the list of highest-paying internships, with a monthly salary of $9667. (about $41,400). A Roblox spokesperson confessed that the company pays interns between $58 and $60 per hour.

As Glassdoor reports, tech companies are not in a position to fight the financial sector for now. Especially since they’ve been losing some of their luster lately as stock prices have fallen. In 2021, the share of internships with a salary of more than $8,000/mc increased by 33% in finance and by 22% in technology.So, if someone wants to earn as much as possible, they rather think of Wall Street today and work for a global investment bank, for example, than in a technology company.

Earnings – paid internship in IT companies in USA:

  1. Roblox – 9667
  2. Uber – 8333
  3. Capital One – 8333
  4. Salesforce – 8167
  5. Amazon – 8000
  6. Meta – 8000
  7. NVIDIA – 8000
  8. LinkedIn – 7500
  9. HubSpot – 7500
  10. Expedia Group – 7500
  11. Microsoft – 7366
  12. Oracle – 7250
  13. Bain & Company – 7125
  14. Deutsche Bank – 7083
  15. Apple – 7000

Earnings for interns range from $7000. (approx. $30,000) to over $9000. (over 40,000 PLN).

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These types of internships are very difficult to get into, as there are thousands of applicants per position. However, when you manage to get a position, the earnings are – for us – extremely high. It is worth noting that for us similar salaries can count on either managers in state-owned companies, or top professionals and directors in the IT and finance sectors.

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