Only $189 for a powerful 12-core processor

Shortly after the announcement of the Alder Lake processors, the Intel and AMD price war began: both companies consistently rewrote the price tags of their products – if not by themselves, then by the hands of partners. And now, it seems, Intel has made its best offer. Traditionally – in the home market.

The price of the powerful 12-core Core i7-12700K CPU has dropped to a record $189 in retailer Newegg’s catalog! While the official Intel Ark database lists the cost of this CPU at $409-419, and that when buying a bulk batch of CPUs. It turns out that Newegg is selling the 12-core Core i7-12700K cheaper than the 6-core Ryzen 5 5600X (they’re asking $209 for it).

Another member of the Alder Lake family also draws attention: the 10-core Core i5-12600K is offered for only $138! And in terms of performance it is comparable to the Ryzen 9 5900X offered by Newegg for $400. In general, if at the beginning of sales on Alder Lake could be looked at skeptically in light of the need to buy and a new motherboard, and the potential transition to more expensive memory DDR5, but now the transition to the CPU Intel Core 12 no longer looks so costly. At least in the US.

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