“Odnoklassniki launched a one-stop information center for authors

The Odnoklassniki team announced the launch of the social network’s new service, which is designed to improve the lives of content creators.

The new one-stop-shop provides information on social networking opportunities for newcomers, links to useful resources, details on monetization, full instructions on how to run groups, ways to engage your audience, and so on.

There are currently four ways to make money from content on Odnoklassniki: donations from subscribers, paid content, paid access, and integration of ads into author content. New monetization opportunities are planned to be added gradually after the launch of the center. In this way authors will get all the information about blogging in Odnoklassniki on one resource.

According to the press service, the activity of content authors has increased in Odnoklassniki recently. Since the beginning of March, more than 50 celebrities have joined the social network, and many authors have returned to the social network or registered for the first time.

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