“Now in scalded cat mode they will look for a solution.” Roscosmos head insists on mandatory replacement of GPS in aircrafts with GLONASS

Dmitry Rogozin has spoken out on the Rosaviatsiya’s recommendation to Russian airlines to refuse to use the GPS system during flights because its signal may be turned off or jammed. The head of Roscosmos is indignant: according to him, despite repeated warnings from the state corporation, “Russian airlines continued to lease and purchase foreign aircraft, ignoring the requirements to install GLONASS equipment on them”.

“Now they will be looking for a solution in scalded cat mode. And there is one – to install GLONASS stations in all airports to provide a high-precision navigation signal and to install GLONASS receivers on all aircraft operating in our country. And it is mandatory. This is a penny expense compared to the cost of passenger lives,” Dmitry Rogozin wrote in his Telegram channel.

“I remind you, by the way, that all cars manufactured in our country or imported into our country in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation since January 1, 2017 have the ERA-GLONASS system installed. So it turns out that tens of millions of cars could have this installed, but hundreds of foreign-made aircraft could not? It’s true what they say: a miser pays twice,” he added.

According to Dmitry Rogozin, right today Roscosmos will send technical proposals to the Ministry of Transport and Rosaviation to replace GPS with GLONASS subscriber equipment, “which will also be able to receive the navigation signal from the Chinese orbital navigation system Beidou.”

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