Nokia flagship with a 200-megapixel camera showed in the first images

Nokia once led the cell phone market, but lately HMD Global has been occasionally releasing mid-range models under the brand. Chinese sources have published images of the alleged Nokia N73 smartphone.

It is reported that Nokia’s new flagship smartphone may be equipped with a 200-megapixel image sensor made by Samsung. In addition to the main module in the camera will be four additional image sensors, details about which have not yet been reported.

The camera module itself is quite unusual not only in shape, but also in location: it is located in the upper right side of the back panel, rather than in the left side, where cameras of modern smartphones are usually located.

The rest of the device specifications are unknown, but it is logical to assume that such a flagship should get a Qualcomm Sapdragon Gen 1 or Sapdragon Gen 1+ single-crystal system, as well as a screen with a high refresh rate.

Speaking of 200-megapixel smartphones, we should remember that such a device should be released by Motorola in the near future.

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