No, Samsung will not sacrifice the battery of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4. The capacity of the two batteries of the upcoming smartphone became known

Information about the battery capacity of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 smartphone has surfaced on the web. More precisely, about two, because the Fold line uses two batteries in each device.

So, the smaller B-BF936ABY is characterized by a capacity of 2002 mAh, while the capacity of the larger EB-BF937ABY is 2268 mAh. Most likely, in the specifications Samsung will indicate a total capacity of 4400 mAh.

And the current Fold3 has exactly the same capacity, meaning that speculation that the new model will lose on this indicator is not confirmed. That said, this doesn’t mean that the rumors about the Fold4 being thinner and lighter than its predecessor are wrong either, as that could be achieved in other ways. Moreover, we do not know how much thinner and lighter the novelty will be.

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