No more insults in letters: “State Services” “pumped” from spammers

The Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation (Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Communications of Russia) has made small but useful changes to the “Gosuslugi” portal that increase the protection of users from spam. This was reported by the press service of the agency.

Mail notification templates have been changed for this purpose. Previously, malicious users could send messages to users, including offensive ones, using templates on “Gosuslugi”.

The Ministry of Information explained:

Earlier, when registering at the Gosuslugi portal, it was possible to specify an arbitrary First and Last Name, which were used in a confirmation message from Gosuslugi to the specified email of other users. Attackers used this opportunity and wrote insulting texts instead of the name and surname”.

This loophole has now been closed, and Mintzifry apologizes for the inconvenience caused.

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