No matter how tough the sanctions may be, space cooperation with Western countries will not be completely interrupted

Roscosmos head Dmitry Rogozin is confident that cooperation with Western countries on space projects will not be completely interrupted. At the same time, Roskosmos is considering new partners, including China and India.

“We believe that no matter how harsh the sanctions may be, it will not be possible to interrupt space cooperation completely. Then it will be very difficult to restore relations with the West, but I think they will also be restored. Other people will come in, analyze the situation, and understand that sanctions are an economic war that damages all sides. As soon as they understand this, we will return to cooperation in one form or another,” Rogozin said in an interview with RT.

Roskosmos wants to develop cooperation with China because over the past month and a half it “has not moved one millimeter away from its position of cooperation with Russia.” However, the agency does not refuse to cooperate with other countries as well.

“These are countries that are not part of the West: Latin American countries, African countries, Southeast Asian countries, India, and many, many other countries that have their own ambitions in outer space. Many of them have a developed infrastructure for work in space. For example, India is now preparing for a manned program. These are normal, good partners for us,” Rogozin added.

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