no charger in the Tesla electric car kit

Tesla has reduced the delivery kit for its electric cars. Now it excludes cables for charging cars.

Originally, the standard package included NEMA 14?50 and NEMA 5?15 cables for slower charging. The first of these already some time ago disappeared from the standard package and began to be sold separately for $400. Meanwhile, the NEMA 5?15 to connect the car to the fixed grid continued to be included with Tesla electric cars.

This has been the case until now, but now the situation has changed. As the topic resource Electrek pointed out, the NEMA 5?15 is gone from the Tesla kit. The automaker began offering it as an optional accessory.

Interestingly, this move by the company sparked a strong reaction from users online. As a result, Tesla CEO Ilon Musk announced a $75 price reduction – $200 instead of the previous $275. It is also noted that everyone who has already ordered a Tesla, but has not received, the car will be delivered already in a reduced configuration.

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