Nikon Develops MC-N10 Remote Handle for Z Mount Cameras

Nikon has announced that it is developing a new remote grip. According to the source, this shows how seriously the manufacturer takes the video capabilities of its Z-bayonet cameras.

The Nikon MC-N10 is an accessory that connects to Nikon’s mirrorless Z-bayonet cameras via USB-C and remotely duplicates a number of camera controls. On the front of the grip are the on/off button, the shutter button, the [REC]button, ISO button, exposure compensation button, control dial, and a couple of function buttons. On the back of the remote control is a second control dial, a joystick for navigation and AF point control, an AF-ON button, an info button, a view button, zoom in/out buttons, a memory button and a playback control button.

Taken together, these controls give access to almost all of the camera’s features, being moreover arranged in a familiar pattern.

The grip uses a non-locking ARRI-style mount that can be used to attach it to various shooting accessories, giving the grip the desired tilt. The manufacturer has not yet specified which camera models the handle will be compatible with. He promised to disclose pricing and availability “at a later date”.

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