new smartphones are produced by China Post under the Hi Nova brand

We already reported on the release of the Hi Nova 9 SE smartphone, which is an improved copy of the Huawei Nova 9 SE. The source reports that Huawei has indeed found a way to circumvent U.S. sanctions.

The Hi Nova was launched in 2021 and is owned by China Post, China’s state-owned postal company. Now, unexpectedly, China Post is starting to produce its own smartphones, surprisingly similar to Huawei’s Nova series devices. It’s all about the fact that back in 2019, China Post and Huawei signed an agreement.

Huawei is assigned the development and production of the smartphone, while China Post gives its brand and deals with the purchase of components, access to which for Huawei blocked. In this simple way, Huawei obtained the components it needed, in particular, single-chip systems with 5G support. In addition, the latest version of Android on smartphones with Google services can be installed on the phones.

At this stage, Hi Nova-branded devices are available exclusively in China. But experts do not rule out that the range of devices from this company will grow, and later they will appear outside of China.

Last week, it became known that in mid-April, VimpelCom received a large batch of equipment worth $15 million from Huawei. The contract was signed even before the sanctions prohibiting the import of such equipment were introduced.

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