new compact DeepCool CPU cooler with four heat pipes and direct contact

DeepCool has announced the AK400, a new compact CPU cooler that offers high heat dissipation for its size

The new DeepCool model, according to the manufacturer’s claims, features wide compatibility with various types of processor sockets (LGA1700/1200/1151/1150/1155 as well as AM4 for AMD solutions).

At the same time, the AK400 provides efficient cooling with minimal noise level. At maximum load, the claimed noise level is less than 29 dB(A) thanks to the high-performance fan with FDB bearing and PWM control.

Advanced heat dissipation is accomplished by four copper heat pipes with direct contact mounting. This implementation, as conceived by DeepCool engineers, should both efficiently remove heat from the processor and dissipate it through the heatsink tower with a matrix design of aluminum fins.

The compact size of the cooler provides bоThe AK400 is designed to be more compatible with other components and allows installation in enclosures 155mm wide or wider. Thanks to the removable top cover, the AK400 can be installed in ITX solutions from 153mm wide. In addition, the 45mm wide heatsink provides the necessary space for the free installation of RAM.

The recommended retail price of the device in Russia is 2599 rubles.

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