“MyOffice has created a tool to transfer macros from Microsoft Office

The creators of MyOffice software have developed a tool to transfer to their document editors the VBA macro commands* that are often used when working with documents created in Microsoft Office.

Previously, employees of companies using Microsoft Word or Excel would lose all the macros – macro commands that had been accumulated over time and used daily to solve business problems – when organizations converted to native software. Many organizations often use multi-page spreadsheets, in which employees enter certain data, then need to analyze them and, using a macro, display the result on another sheet or in another file, the company explained.

In the built-in macro command editor of MyOffice desktop applications, users can now simultaneously view Microsoft technology command code and write new commands in the cross-platform Lua language, which is supported by MyOffice and actively used in popular application software. VBA is a proprietary Microsoft technology, which makes it impossible to execute VBA macros in third-party document editors. The solution to this problem is to translate macro commands into other programming languages, and now doing this work in MyOffice has become more convenient and easier.


Macro commands are written in a special programming language: in Microsoft software, it is VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). MyOffice products use another language, Lua. MyOffice has also prepared and published a series of training materials on working with Lua macro commands, as well as a programmer’s guide with a description of all available functions.

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