Motorola Felix will get a retractable display

After it became known that LG was working on the so-called LG Rollable phone with a collapsible screen, the company suddenly withdrew from the smartphone market. In 2020, Oppo also showed a prototype of such a smartphone. And now it is known that a Motorola phone code-named Felix with a retractable display is in development.

According to 91mobiles, Motorola’s Felix smartphone differs significantly from LG and Oppo’s foldable devices. The source writes that Motorola’s first foldable smartphone has a flexible screen that expands vertically. When folded, a third of its screen wraps around a roller at the bottom of the smartphone. The Motorola Felix is expected to be quite a compact device. However, nothing has been reported about the specs or the final marketing name of the device.


The Motorola Felix is in a very early stage of development. Since the company does not have a working hardware prototype for the Felix, the software developed for it is being tested on a modified version of the Motorola Edge 30 Pro. So, presumably, Motorola Felix won’t hit the shelves until next year at the earliest.

Since the smartphone is in the early stages of development, Motorola may make some design changes before it launches.

It is not yet known which device will be the world’s first smartphone with a flip-down display.

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