Microsoft may be working on an improved Xbox Series X console. But it won’t be any more powerful

The Xbox Series X gaming console is the highest-performing console in the new generation, something many have actively pointed out since the announcement and which expectedly became unimportant after the sales launch. And if we have already heard something about the conditional PlayStation 5 Pro, now the first rumors about the updated Xbox Series X have appeared on the Web.

True, it’s not a higher performance model, but an improvement in the other direction. The source claims that Microsoft is already working on a new version of the hybrid processor for its console, which would be more energy efficient.

Microsoft could move its current APU from a 7nm process to a 6nm process (TSMC N6), which would allow for a tangible reduction in power consumption and a smaller chip. As a result, this version of the platform would be cheaper for Microsoft. Gamers would then get lower power consumption, less heat, and less noise. Although the current Xbox Series X does not suffer from overheating or excessively noisy CO. In addition, the console itself may become a little more compact – such changes in this market are the norm.

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