Microsoft has released the mandatory Windows 11 update: What’s new

Microsoft has released an update to its Windows 11 operating system as part of its traditional monthly “Patch Tuesday” update. The update brings not only bug fixes and security enhancements, but also new features.

Update number KB5012599 is available both through Windows Update (Windows Update Center) and for manual download. The update includes a mandatory security update, which will be installed automatically.

Search Highlights has been activated in the OS, which offers content based on what day it is. For example, important events and holidays, and for corporate users, important contacts and recent files. The new interface appears when the user clicks the search box in the taskbar and enters nothing.

Support for up to three high-priority pop-up notifications in the notification center has also been added. This notification feature can be useful if the user frequently receives calls, messages, reminders or notifications from applications that use Windows notifications. After the update, notifications will be handled in a special way and these alerts will appear at the same time.

The OS has also made it easier to change the default browser, something many users have been waiting for a long time. This was recently part of an optional update and will now be installed automatically for all users.

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