Microsoft has decided to copy the Quick Look feature from macOS, which has been around for 15 years. In Windows 11, it will be called Peek

Windows 11 may soon have a feature that Microsoft actually copied from Apple and its macOS.

We’re talking about the Peek feature, which will be part of the PowerToys suite, where Microsoft collects experimental development features for Windows.

So, Peek is essentially a copy of the Quick Look feature in macOS. As a reminder, it is a very useful feature that allows you to quickly view (and not only) various documents from the OS explorer without having to open them fully in a separate software.

In the case of Peek, with the file selected, you will need to press Shift and Spacebar. However, for the first time after release, the feature will not provide the editing capabilities and other tools inherent in Quick Look. They will probably appear later.

It’s worth noting that Quick Look appeared in macOS about 15 years ago, but Microsoft decided to copy it only now.

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