Major iPhone manufacturer threatened with closure due to strict quarantine in China

Authorities in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou announced late Friday night that they were placing certain areas in the Zhengzhou Airport Economic Zone under quarantine, effective immediately. People in the area will not be allowed to leave the area.

Zhengzhou Airport Economic Zone is home to the world’s largest iPhone assembly plant, where employees have been ordered to undergo mandatory Covid testing in recent days. Foxconn and Apple did not respond to questions about whether the lockdown would affect operations.

The China Securities Journal reported Saturday that Foxconn factories in the area were operating normally, citing unnamed company executives. Other Apple suppliers such as Pegatron and Quanta recently halted production in eastern China due to quarantine.

China is battling its worst Covid-19 outbreak in two years. Major cities from Shanghai to Guangzhou have already imposed restrictions on their citizens, causing increasing outrage.

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