Local governments on the path to digitization – new podcast

We invite you to listen to a new podcast of Computerworld. This time together with experts we will talk about how Polish local governments are changing digitally.

Digitalization of the public sector is a challenge for many city and central government officials.

Since the spring of 2020, it was a particularly hot topic, requiring a smooth adjustment to the new reality. Improving and optimizing the functioning of cities and the contact between the resident and the official has become a priority in many local governments. So how to build a digital development strategy? How to successfully implement IT solutions in the public sector?

Shared Services IT Centre Olsztyna, the entity overseeing digital change in the Olsztyn municipality, has been changing the IT landscape of local government for years.

To meet its growing needs, it reaches for proven solutions provided by trusted vendors. This was also the case with the financial and accounting system. Its efficiency and effectiveness depended on the technological solutions used. And these were provided by the company Oracle.

How to implement successful IT solutions in the public sector? How to select technology? How to build a digital development strategy in a region?

We talk about it with invited experts in the latest podcast “Local governments on the path of digitization”. We invite you to listen.

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