JAC S7 became more expensive by 80%. Which Chinese cars have become more expensive than others?

The research conducted by the company “Avto.ru” found out which Chinese cars have become more expensive since the beginning of the year. It turned out that among the new cars the most expensive among the “Chinese” was the JAC S7, the price of which increased by 80%. In March and April JAC representatives do not show the cost of their cars on the website.

The best-selling Chinese car this year, the Haval Jolion, went up 55.1% in price, the Geely Tugella became 46.3% more expensive and the Chery Tiggo 7 Pro became 43.7% more expensive. These models are among the top 3 most popular in our country.

Geely Tugella was the leader in terms of phone views of dealers – 10.3% of the total number. Haval Jolion posted the most offers for sale – 15.3%. Chery Tiggo 8 Pro (10.3%) and Haval F7 (9.1%) are in second and third place.

On the secondary market, the Geely Coolray and Haval F7x have increased in price the most (37%.), but there are still few offers of new cars. The Geely Atlas and Haval F7 are resold three times less frequently than, for example, the first version of the Chery Tiggo, or twice as rarely as the Lifan X60.

Until the end of February, the volume of offers with new cars from Chinese manufacturers increased. But in March, dealers “went away” to revise prices, removing a huge number of listings from sale. At the end of March, the cars came back on sale almost in full volume: at the end of the month the offers were only 4% less than in January.

Jan Heitzer, vice president of the National Automobile Union, said cheap Chinese cars remained in the 2000s.

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