It’s not just Sberbank Online that has disappeared from Google Play. SberBank issued instructions to SberBusiness users for Android and investor apps

As we wrote before, Google removed the mobile bank app “SberBank Online” from the Google Play online store. However, this was not the only matter, and other Sberbank applications disappeared from Google Play as well.

According to the press service, SberBusiness, SberInvestor X, SberBank Investor, SberCash and Sber Shareholder have also become unavailable for downloading and updating on Google Play.

SberBank reiterated that previously installed apps continue to work and there are no restrictions on their use. Users are strongly advised not to uninstall the bank’s installed applications.

For users who for some reason uninstalled one of the applications, or bought a new device, then you can install them from the SberBank website at the following links:

The bank emphatically warns:

Please note that you need to be vigilant and only install Sber applications using these links on the bank’s official website.”

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