It’s as if the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 was asking $150 in 2022. Garmin vivosmart 5 activity tracker introduced

Garmin is not the kind of company that seeks to offer maximum technology in its devices for little money. And the new fitness tracker vivosmart 5 is excellent proof of that.

At least because for $150 buyers will get a device with a monochrome screen. And at the same time, such a solution is clearly not for the sake of autonomy, as it is declared at the level of seven days. In other words, it is just a technically obsolete solution on the background of many competitors.

True, the screen has been increased by 66% relative to the last model, so that it now features a diagonal of 0.84 inches. And it’s a little ridiculous against the background of many times cheaper solutions from Xiaomi, Huawei, Honor, Realme and others. It is also worth adding that this is still an OLED panel, which can be written on the plus side. Its resolution is only 88 x 154 pixels.

As for the features of the tracker, there are no problems. It can do everything a device should be able to do in 2022. In particular, there is sleep monitoring, activity tracking, displaying alerts from your smartphone, heart rate sensor, pulse oximeter function, and much more.

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