It’s almost like the good old days. AMD is giving buyers of all new video cards at least $60 worth of games

As you know, video card prices are gradually dropping, and some AMD adapters can already be bought at the recommended price or even slightly cheaper. Against this background, the company has decided to offer gifts to buyers of its adapters. We are talking, of course, about games.

The Raise The Game Bundle will be available to buyers of any AMD Radeon RX 6000 graphics card. The condition is that you have to buy the adapter between May 10 and August 13 inclusive.

But there’s a rather curious detail in this story. The thing is that AMD and Nvidia don’t give such game sets all the time. Yes, once upon a time you could get more than a dozen game discs with a video card, but those times are gone. The current business model means that the producers launch such campaigns with gifts either at the end of graphics cards generation life or in the moments when the sales due to some reasons can strongly decrease. But AMD just the other day introduced updated Radeon RX 6×50 XT cards, and it didn’t announce any games at the time. The source suggests that AMD made the decision to launch the kit very quickly and spontaneously. So much so, that when announcing its launch, it did not disclose the list of games included in it. And this is a first for the market.

The company only notes that it will be giving away games totaling at least $60, including Saints Row 2022 and Sniper Elite 5. The former won’t be released until August, and the latter will be available May 25. True, AMD doesn’t guarantee any of these games for all cards. That is, for example, it can give both of these games when you buy an RX 6900 XT, only one when you buy an RX 6600 XT and none of them if you buy an RX 6400. But in either case, the buyer will get games worth at least $60.

As the source says, AMD’s new set of games is unprecedented. Neither AMD nor Nvidia has previously released game bundles without disclosing in detail which games come with which cards. Which, in turn, underlines how strange the current video card market is getting, and how quickly AMD has to act to support video card prices amid a rapid drop in cryptocurrency prices.

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