It would be possible to pay extra for this. Space tourists will stay on the ISS four days longer than originally planned

Axiom Space has clarified the return to Earth of space tourists stranded on the ISS. The mission organizer said they will leave the International Space Station on April 23.

“NASA, Axiom Space and SpaceX have agreed on a plan to undock the Axiom 1 mission spacecraft from the ISS on April 23 at 8:35 p.m. U.S. East Coast time (April 24 03:35 a.m. Moscow time). Flooding off the coast of Florida is expected on April 24 at approximately 13:46 local time (20:46 Moscow time). This decision was made taking into account the weather forecast in the area of the landing,” – reported Axiom Space.

According to the original plans, Crew Dragon with the tourists was supposed to leave the ISS on April 19 and dock in the Atlantic Ocean on April 20. But due to unfavorable weather conditions off the coast of Florida, which could have prevented picking up the crew in the ocean, the undocking had to be postponed. We can say that the tourists were lucky with the weather: they will spend an extra four days on the ISS completely free of charge.

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