It will be the most powerful mobile Alder Lake processor. Intel’s 16-core W12985 made the news on the web

At the moment, Intel’s most powerful mobile Alder Lake lineup processor is the 14-core and 20-core Core i9-12900HK, but Intel will soon have a more powerful CPU – the W12985 has already made headlines in the configuration of the promising Dell Precision 7770 mobile workstation.

Intel W12985 will get eight high-performance cores and eight power-efficient cores, as well as 30 MB of Level 3 cache memory. The maximum frequency will be 5.0 GHz. In other words, Intel W12985 will be as close as possible to the desktop Core i9-12900.

There are no more details about the CPU. As for the workstation, it will get a 17.3-inch screen with 4K resolution, 256 GB of DDR5 RAM in maximum configuration, and a discrete 3D gas pedal Nvidia RTX A6000.

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