It is impossible to buy servers even on the secondary market. Major IT companies are asking the Russian government to find them computing equipment

VK sent a letter to the Ministry of Digital Affairs asking for help in purchasing “tens of thousands of servers.” The source writes that VK is unable to purchase commercial batches of computing equipment on the market, which is necessary for both the current operation of services and for scaling the IT infrastructure.

The Ministry of Digital does not deny receiving the letter. At the moment, they are “taking measures to provide the public sector and commercial companies with sufficient Russian computing equipment that meets the highest requirements.” The Ministry of Industry and Trade “sees no reason to aggravate the situation” in the computer equipment market: “Companies are working in a normal mode, no problems with the availability of products in stock have been revealed.

Yandex, which has stopped many of its planned investments in new and experimental services at home and abroad amid sanctions due to the situation in Ukraine, is also experiencing problems with the purchase of new equipment.

The source writes that today in Russia it is virtually impossible to buy commercial batches of new equipment: “It is impossible to buy servers even on the secondary market, used equipment flew apart in early March, despite exorbitant prices.”

Alexandra Sysoeva, head of Infrastructure Solutions at Krok, said that the typical tasks of most clients can be closed with solutions from Russian manufacturers. However, other market participants claim that Russian manufacturers’ stocks of computing equipment are also running low. According to Maxim Koposov, director of Promobita. Maxim Koposov, director of Promobit, his company currently has a stock of components for only a few hundred servers.

MCST has already practically run out of Elbrus 8C processor stock, but server manufacturer Norsi-Trans has a fairly large batch of Elbrus 8CV processors. Sergey Ovchinnikov, the general director of Norsi-Trans, confirmed that his company had already raised prices for its equipment by 2-2.5 times, and added: “But no one particularly applies to us.

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