Is Windows under threat in Russia? Due to the sanctions, demand for domestic operating systems increased sixfold

Demand for domestic software, both operating systems and substitutes for MS Office and Office 365, has increased significantly due to the sanctions. This was stated by representatives of Russian developers, as quoted by TASS.

«The demand for operating systems has increased almost six times in the last month. We have seen a sharp increase in the number of requests from government customers – federal and regional executive authorities, as well as state corporations and companies with state participation, which have fallen under sanctions. They are eager to test domestic operating systems. However, you have to keep in mind that the process from piloting to implementation takes at least a quarter. There are a lot of successful projects in our portfolio. Among the customers "Red Soft." State corporations and more than 20 government agencies, including the Russian Federal Service of Environmental Protection, the Russian Ministry of Defense, and the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office. We work with "Rostelecom", "Gazprom", "Transneft" and others. We closely cooperate with the regions» – Head of Partner Relations «Red Soft» Andrei Sviridov.

He also added that so far it is difficult to predict what proportion of companies and institutions will switch to using domestic operating systems, because, he said, much will depend on how the situation with Microsoft Windows will develop in Russia. Even companies, which earlier did not consider domestic software, are now beginning to buy it. In general, our forecasts are optimistic, we see good prospects for further development, & ndash; said Andrei Sviridov.

The increased demand is also fixed on the domestic applied software. For example, office software packages.

«Over the last 2.5 weeks the demand for solutions "MyOffice" has grown six times. At the same time, 70% of requests for testing and purchasing our products come from large commercial companies. Now most often they come to us with a request to buy a solution "MyOffice Private Cloud" and help with migration from foreign vendors’ clouds. Our solution can be deployed on customer company servers or equipment of trusted partners. The product allows organizing joint work with documents, as well as providing access to files from any device, without being tied to a physical workplace» – said Elena Nepochatova, commercial director of the Russian office software developer «MyOffice».

Of course, the user version of Windows in Russia is not threatened by anything, but the commercial versions, judging by the way events are developing, can (and probably will) be replaced by domestic operating systems.

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