iPad mini. Who should buy it?

Is the iPad mini worth buying? Yes, but only on one condition: You know exactly what you’ll be using it for. We explain.

iPad mini is a great device for selected users / Photo of own materials.

Currently on sale we can find iPad mini 6th generation – it is often referred to as iPad mini 6 or 2021 (released last year). This is a very good quality tablet with iPadOS, but many people wonder whether it makes sense to buy this particular device.

If someone is buying their first tablet, they will almost certainly opt for the larger version. This will be the 9th generation iPad (10.2″ screen), the 5th generation iPad Air (10.9″ screen), or even the iPad Pro (11″ or 12.9″ screens). The mini version has a screen large enough not to pass as a smartphone, but still, as the name suggests, is mini. It provides an 8.3″ display.

Someone may think: “Well, okay, but the iPad mini is probably cheap”. Here again there is a problem, because the iPad mini will be the cheapest to buy for 2599 PLN and it will be the 64 GB version with WiFi (without Cellular, that is, cellular connection). In comparison, a regular iPad with a 10.2″ screen is available from ¬£1699.

iPad mini – where to buy? Prices and stores

So what makes the iPad mini likely to interest someone? For sure, it is a very powerful device. Equipped with the A15 Bionic chip, the iPad mini is clearly more powerful than the regular iPad, which still has the A13. Newer and more powerful is the Pro or Air model – these already have M1 chips. In addition, the iPad mini, like the latest models, supports the 2nd generation Apple Pencil.

But who should opt for the mini version? First of all, people who are looking for hardware that will fit where a full-size iPad no longer does. And those who have a specific use for the mini, such as one-handed operation.

Even though the Apple iPad Air is lightweight and we can hold it in one hand, it’s still big enough that handling it is not very possible. In case of iPad mini, we can do many activities with one hand. In addition, iPad mini is great for taking handwritten notes with Pencil 2, making it a great tablet for business meetings where you want to take notes. It’s lightweight, fits easily even in a woman’s purse, and is comfortable to use.

And where can we buy an iPad? If you live in a large city, it is worth using price comparison sites and choose your location. It is very possible that some stores will deliver your order even within 2 hours. Otherwise, just choose a store that you trust and, of course, one that does not have exorbitant prices.

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