Intel’s youngest Arc graphics card is much faster than the GeForce MX450. New tests appeared

There are not many notebooks with Intel Arc graphics cards on the market yet, so there are only some individual test results published in the web, which gradually allow us to get a better idea of what Intel has managed to do.

So, a brief comparison of two Samsung laptops with different platforms has appeared on the web. The Galaxy Book Pro relies on the Core i5-1135G7 and GeForce MX450, while the Galaxy Book 2 Pro got the newer Core i5-1240P and Intel Arc A350M.

No results in games, but in benchmarks the Intel card didn’t leave Nvidia’s solution a chance.

As you can see, the difference in performance is very noticeable and is 40-60%. That is, these are cards of different classes. At the same time, recall that Intel adapters have problems with drivers, and some games do not run at all.

Probably because of the need to improve the software, laptops with Arc cards are almost unavailable in the world, although in South Korea you can buy the same Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro.

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