Intel’s top-of-the-line Arc A770 desktop graphics card couldn’t even keep up with the mobile GeForce RTX 3060

So far, Intel has only introduced Arc mobile graphics cards, and only the youngest model has hit the market in extremely limited form. But today the Arc A770, a top-of-the-line desktop graphics card, made its way to the web.

Geekbench software indicates that the adapter has 512 processing units (the number of cores is 4096) and 12.7 GB of memory. Of course, such amount of memory is not possible for the video card, so probably we are talking about 16 GB, as Geekbench can underestimate the value, but not overestimate it. At the same time, the GPU frequency is fixed at 2.4 GHz, which is not bad.

The result, though, is quite modest. 85 585 points – it’s less than the mobile GeForce RTX 3060. But Geekbench as a graphics test is not the best solution, especially when comparing cards from different manufacturers or different generations.

Intel desktop graphics cards are expected at the end of the second quarter. For now, there are big problems even with the availability of mobile ones.

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