Intel will try to return to the HEDT segment, which has been dominated by AMD for several years. AIDA64 data found a mention of Alder Lake-X CPU

In the depths of AIDA64 application we’ve found a mention of some Intel Alder Lake-X processors. Judging by the name, we’re talking about new HEDT-class CPUs, and we haven’t heard of them before, if we’re talking about the Alder Lake line.

The Intel Core-X line hasn’t been updated in a long time. The 14-nanometer Cascade Lake-X, which came out in 2019 and was a renamed and more affordable version of its predecessors, remains conditionally relevant now. Overall, with the release of Ryzen Threadripper in this segment, Intel could not offer anything intelligible.

In turn, Alder Lake turned out to be very successful, so Intel can use the Golden Cove architecture to return to the HEDT segment. In fact there were already some data on such CPUs, but under the name Sapphire Rapids-X. Apparently, Intel may end up choosing another name so as not to mix HEDT CPUs with the Xeon line.

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