Intel is still failing. The company has allegedly postponed the launch of the Arc desktop graphics cards again

It looks like Intel continues to have problems with the release of its Arc graphics cards. Sources say that the desktop cards have been delayed until the end of the second or beginning of the third quarter.

Recall that the company originally promised 3D-cards back at the end of 2021, then postponed the launch at the beginning of the current year, and now tries not to promise anything officially.

New data suggests that Intel is preparing four desktop graphics cards: the Arc A770, A750, A580 and A380. The older model already showed up in Geekbench yesterday with very modest performance, but it’s too early to draw conclusions.

But the source says that the younger Arc A380 will perform at the level of the Radeon RX 6400, that is, it will offer very modest performance by modern standards.

Presumably, the Arc A770 will get 512 processing blocks, the A750 will have 448 blocks, the A580 will offer 256 blocks, and the younger A380 will be limited to 128 blocks.

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