Intel has shown brand new processors, which will have to wait. Meteor Lake will be based on new architectures

Intel has shown Meteor Lake processors that should hit the market next year, unless Intel has to postpone the launch again.

These will be the company’s first CPUs on the Intel 4 (7nm) process, as well as Intel’s first multi-chip consumer CPUs. The company itself calls the individual chips tiles.

Meteor Lake will consist of four tiles, relying on three different tech processes. For example, the GPU will be produced by TSMC using N3 norms.

In the photo you can see two different processors, and they are not different models, but crystals with different layout densities. At the same time, there are no details about this, so it is not clear why Intel is working on two variants and which one is more likely to go into production.

Meteor Lake CPUs will rely on entirely new architectures for both large and small processor cores, plus the GPUs will have a new architecture as well. This is an important generation for Intel, but recently there have been rumors that it may be delayed due to the fact that Intel may hand over CPU tile production to TSMC as well.

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