Intel Alder Lake processor covers can bend, causing more heat, but the company says it’s normal

Intel Alder Lake processors have an elongated shape. And because of this, sometimes the heat spreader cover can bend, making heat transfer worse.

The feature was detected at the beginning of the launch of new CPUs, but it does not lead to any problems or even more to a failure of the CPU. Usually the CPU just starts to warm up a bit more (about 5 degrees). Apparently, for this reason Intel did not comment on the situation for a long time, but now it has done so.

We have received no reports of 12th generation Intel Core processors running outside specs due to changes in the heat spreader. Our internal data shows that the cover on 12th generation desktop processors may have a slight deflection after installation into the socket. This slight deflection is to be expected and does not cause the processor to operate outside of specifications. We strongly recommend that you do not make any modifications to the socket or clamping mechanism. Such modifications will cause the processor to operate outside of specifications and may void any warranty on the product

Thus, the company is well aware of this feature of the new CPUs, but does not consider it a problem, because it does not lead to any serious consequences. Also, Intel does not advise to try to fix something on your own.

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