Instead of the remote Alfa Bank app, iPhone owners are now offered Alfa Online. The official statement

Alfa Bank’s press office issued an official statement after it was revealed that the app is no longer available to download or update on the App Store for iOS devices.

Has the Alfa Bank app disappeared from the App Store? What does this mean? If you have the latest version, it will continue to work quickly and reliably. We have taken care of everything. The only inconvenience: if you have accidentally deleted the application or it needs to be installed on another iPhone, you will not be able to do it temporarily.

Alfa Bank

Alfa Bank adds that you can manage your money in Alfa Online, an online bank that works both on your computer and on your phone.

Alfa Online is just like the app you’re used to. You can easily open accounts and cards in different currencies, transfer money, keep track of expenses, and do much more.

Alfa Bank

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