Instagram blocks users from Russia en masse

According to the resource “Durov Code”, Instagram (owned by the company Meta, which is recognized as extremist and banned in Russia) began to block the accounts of Russians. In fact, the fact of blocking is no surprise to anyone, they were carried out before, but it is now the blocking of users from Russia has acquired a mass character.

There is no clear correlation, they block users with different content in their profiles and different numbers of subscribers. The only thing they have in common is that the blocking happens unexpectedly and inexplicably. The user receives a standard notification that “suspicious activity” has allegedly been detected. Usually this points to the use of scam systems, but the users surveyed did not use such means.

The exact reason for the mass blocking of Russians on Instagram is not named (the social network lists five points for blocking, but users did not violate them), but the resource believes that it may be due to the use of a VPN or “fake geo-positioning.” In particular, the following example is cited: “One of the heroes of the material a few days before the blocking posted a story with old photos and a sticker that indicates geo-positioning in Kiev. The account owner himself was in Russia, and he accessed the social network through a Turkish paid VPN. The text that accompanied his story did not violate Instagram rules. The probability of being blocked because of this reason is very low. Nevertheless, the user was blocked.

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