In Russia there are 50 times more users of VPN-services. The most popular applications are named

TASS reports citing mobile operator Yota, the number of users of VPN services in Russia has increased 53.5 times since January 2022 by early April. The most popular VPN applications were also named.

Mobile operator Yota tracked how customers’ Internet traffic spent on VPN services changed from January 1 to April 3, 2022. All in all, from January to April the share of those who use VPNs increased 38-fold to 22.8% of the total number of Yota customers. By the beginning of April there were 53.5 times more users of such applications than in January.


A noticeable increase in the number of users of VPN services began in February. From March 21 to 27 the share of traffic to VPN-applications increased nine-fold and amounted to 2.6% of the total. During the last week of March Yota customers spent 69 times more traffic on VPN-services than during the first week of January.

The leader among Yota’s VPN services was OpenVPN – during the week of March 28 to April 3 the share of traffic was 55.9%. WireGuard came in second place (32,085), with Surfshark VPN in third (6.04%). The top five are rounded out by iCloud Private Relay and Touch VPN with traffic shares of 3.52% and 0.95%, respectively.

From January to April, Surfshark VPN traffic grew 75.6 times and the number of users grew 172 times. WireGuard traffic grew 27-fold and the number of users grew 13.8-fold. ExpressVPN was also among the leaders in traffic growth – its indicators for the three months increased by 10.2 times, the number of users also grew by 3.4 times

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