In Moscow the participants of road accidents will be allowed to leave the scene of the accident

The Moscow Department of Transport has told about an upcoming experiment on Moscow freeways. Participants of road accidents will be allowed to leave the scene of the accident if there are no victims.

According to the press service of Deptrans, accident participants will be able to leave the scene of the accident on highways, such as the Moscow Ring Road, the Third Ring Road, the Central Ring Road, chords and other highways. On these roads there is a unified system of cameras and with their help it is possible to obtain photo and video materials.

The Ministry stressed that the project is a pilot one. The experiment was supported by the government commission on road safety. According to the idea, the new rules will help avoid human casualties, reduce the chance of “secondary” accidents (when people make a minor accident, and from behind another car demolishes them), as well as unload the roads by about 50%, depending on the number of lanes.

The results of the experiment will form the basis of amendments to the traffic regulations. The details of the experiment itself are being discussed now.

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