“In 2022, the price of bitcoin could easily reach the $100,000 level.”

RBC interviewed Sergey Khitrov, the founder of the international forum Blockchain Life and the Listing.help project. According to him, this year Bitcoin may well renew its historical maximum and reach the $100,000 mark.

“Given the multiple growth in previous periods, in 2022 the price of bitcoin can easily reach the level of $100k. Also judging by the latest events, the world community has realized that traditional finances do not belong to you and can be blocked at any time. Therefore, keeping funds in cryptocurrency, where only you have access, is much more reliable,” said Sergey Khitrov.

The expert does not believe that bitcoin is in a downtrend: “We are not that far from the historical highs, plus there are a lot of projects appearing in the market, it is not the case in the fall stage.”

However, this does not mean that the rate of the world’s main cryptocurrency can not go down, but the decline will not be significant. “The market can collapse at any time because the market is cyclical. But the collapse will not be the same as before, because now there are a lot of big players in the market, who buy back all the drawdowns,” said Sergey Khitrov.

When asked if cryptocurrencies could become an alternative to the traditional financial system, the expert said, “Cryptocurrencies are already an alternative, although not as significant. The main volume of transactions is still carried out by the traditional financial system. The share of cryptocurrencies is still small, but I think in 5-10 years it will grow tenfold. However, I believe that cryptocurrencies will never replace the traditional financial system: they can complement it well.

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