Ilon Musk’s dreams or an achievable goal? Billionaire to significantly increase Twitter’s revenue in six years

Ilon Musk’s purchase of the social network Twitter raised many questions about why the billionaire needed such an asset. Musk himself decided to clarify the situation, telling what goals he set for himself with regard to Twitter.

For example, by 2028, he intends to increase Twitter’s annual revenue fivefold, that is, to $26.4 billion. This is an extremely ambitious goal. Especially against the background of another goal of Musk: to reduce Twitter’s dependence on advertising by 45%. In particular, in 2028, advertising should bring the company $12 billion. However, Musk’s recent statement about Twitter paying for certain users is just in line with this goal. Musk also cites licensing, tips and purchases within the social network as sources of income.

By 2028, the Twitter owner also intends to increase the number of users on the platform to 104 million and increase the average revenue per user to $30.22. Musk also intends to hire an additional 3,600 new employees.

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