If PlayStation exclusives were available by subscription on release day, they would get worse. That’s what Sony’s vice president

As we know, the revamped PlayStation Plus subscription service will offer games from Sony’s internal studios as part of the already mid-range Extra rate. The company has not yet disclosed details, but these will clearly not be the latest exclusives. So why can’t the company, like Microsoft, add its exclusives to the subscription on launch day? Because if they do, the quality of those games will deteriorate.

That’s what Sony Executive Vice President Hiroki Totoki said. He explained that adding Sony’s very expensive to develop exclusives to subscriptions on release day is economically unprofitable. Such a model would force the company to lower the development cost of such projects, which, of course, would affect their quality.

Our current thinking is to have the financial capacity for development as well as proper R&D investment to create quality products, and that will improve the platform as well as improve the business in the long run.

If we distribute our exclusives by subscription, we may have to reduce the investment required to do so, and that will degrade the quality of the games

Earlier, the head of PlayStation spoke in a similar way, saying that under the subscription system, Sony exclusives in their current form could not exist.

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