Huawei delivered a shipment of equipment to Beeline under sanctions

In mid-April, VimpelCom (Beeline brand) received a large batch of equipment from China’s Huawei, the contract for the supply of which had been signed before February 24. The cost of this batch was about $15 million.

The source writes that the terms of the contract had to be fulfilled under sanctions imposed on Russia, due to which there were fears that it could not be fulfilled. However, at least everything is OK with this batch of equipment. It has reached its recipient.

Since the start of the military operation in Ukraine, many countries have imposed sanctions. The U.S. banned high-tech exports to Russia for the defense, aerospace, and shipbuilding industries and limited the supply of semiconductors, computers, telecommunications and information security equipment, lasers, and sensors with special licenses. On April 8, the EU adopted the fifth package of anti-Russian sanctions, which imposed a ban on deliveries to Russia of technology intended for civilian communications networks of organizations where the state owns 50% or more.

A number of major telecommunications equipment suppliers, including Nokia and Ericsson, have announced that they are suspending operations in Russia or withdrawing from the market. Huawei made no such statements, but the company limited a special configurator for Russian customers, a platform that was used to calculate specifications for purchases, which made it difficult to purchase equipment.

The sanctions requirements strongly affect what Huawei can sell in Russia, and in order not to mislead partners, and was closed configurator, which now actually incorrectly reflects the selection of solutions. The company has taken time out to sort out the sanctions, to understand what can and cannot be sold.


Back in March, Huawei stopped signing new contracts to supply network equipment to Russian operators.

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