How to Fix 2K17 Error Code efeab30c: A Comprehensive Guide to Resolving the Gaming Glitch

How to Fix 2K17 Error Code efeab30c: A Comprehensive Guide


NBA 2K17 is a widely popular basketball simulation game that has been a hit among gaming enthusiasts since its release. However, it has not been free of errors and glitches, with one of the most common and frustrating errors being the efeab30c error code. In this article, we aim to provide an in-depth look at this error code and the various ways you can fix it to get back to dominating the courts.

What is the 2K17 Error Code efeab30c?

Before we delve into the fixes, it is important to understand the problem itself. The efeab30c error code refers to a connectivity issue between your gaming console and the 2K17 servers. This issue prevents you from accessing the game’s online features and modes, such as MyCareer, MyPark, and Pro-Am. Many factors can cause this issue, including server outages, corrupted game files, or even issues with your own network connections.

How Can I Fix the Error Code efeab30c?

Below, we have compiled a list of possible solutions that can help you fix the error code and get back to enjoying the game. No matter your gaming platform, whether it be PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC, these methods apply.

1. Check 2K17 Server Status

One of the simplest reasons for this error code could be that the 2K17 servers are down or undergoing maintenance. Before attempting other fixes, it is essential to make sure that the servers are operational.

Actionable Tips:

– Visit the official NBA 2K server status website (
– Look for any known issues or ongoing maintenance
– If the servers are down, wait for the issue to be fixed and try playing the game again later

2. Ensure Your Game is Updated

Outdated game versions can cause compatibility issues, and subsequently, error codes. Always make sure that your game is updated to the latest version to avoid such problems.

Actionable Tips:

– For PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users, ensure that your console is connected to the internet and that automatic updates are enabled
– For PC users, check NBA 2K17 updates on Steam by opening the game’s properties and checking for updates within the ‘Local Files’ tab
– Download and install any available updates and restart the game

3. Clear Reserved Space

In case the error code persists despite the servers being functional and having the latest version of the game, you may need to clear the reserved space on your gaming console or PC. Reserved space essentially helps store additional game data, and clearing it can sometimes resolve connectivity issues.

Actionable Tips:

– PlayStation 4: Navigate to Settings -> System Storage Management -> Saved Data -> NBA 2K17 -> Options -> Delete Reserved Space
– Xbox One: Load the NBA 2K17 game -> Manage Game -> Saved Data -> Reserved Space -> Clear Reserved Space
– PC: Uninstall the game on Steam and reinstall it to refresh the reserved space

4. Reset Your Console or PC

A simple fix that often works is restarting your gaming console or PC to refresh the connection.

Actionable Tips:

– Turn off your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One console and unplug its power cable for a few minutes before plugging it back in and restarting the console
– PCs: Restart your computer or perform a complete shutdown and then power it back on

5. Check Your Internet Connection

At times, the issue might be with your own internet connection. Ensure that you have a stable and strong connection to access the game’s online features.

Actionable Tips:

– Test your internet connection speed using online tools like Speedtest (
– Restart your Wi-Fi router if necessary
– Use a wired connection (Ethernet) if possible to ensure stability


Although error code efeab30c can be frustrating, following these comprehensive steps can help you fix the issue and continue playing your favorite basketball simulation game. Time to strap up those sneakers and get back on the courts!

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