Has the bottom been reached? Sales of Lada, Chery and Nissan began to grow steadily for the first time since the crisis began

Experts of agency “Autostat”, having analyzed the last data on sales in the Russian market, have stated that three companies in the top ten have shown growth of weekly sales.

Lada car sales for the third week of April was 1,483 units, compared to 1,323 cars in the second week of this month and 1,289 units in the first week.

Chery also showed an increase in sales to 304 cars in the third week, whereas in the first and second week of the month, Chery car sales were 172 and 197 cars, respectively. As a result, Chery was able to get into the top six of the most successful carmakers in the Russian market between April 18 and 24.

Nissan’s results for the first three weeks were 142, 174 and 228 cars, respectively. Other brands in the top ten had weekly sales of new cars during this time both rising and falling.

A total of 6,567 new passenger cars were sold in Russia in the third week of April, up 19% from the second week. At the same time, the second week saw a 2% drop in sales compared to the first week. At that time 5,525 cars were sold.

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