GTA 6 will be presented in 2024, and the first trailer may show as early as May 13

Several leaks about the long-awaited GTA 6 game appeared on the Web at one point. One of them is a photo from the internal CRM system of Rockstar, the second one is a roadmap for the new game’s release. The second one shows the approximate GTA 6 release date.

The veracity of these images has not yet been confirmed, so the data is filed under the sauce of rumor. The roadmap indicates that GTA 6 will be released in the second half of 2024. One of the users of the American forum Reddit has already said, that he made this fake road map in 15 minutes, but whether it’s true is still a question. Still, we can’t rule out a leak from some internal presentation, because work on GTA 6 has been going on for a long time (according to game analyst Michael Pachter, work on it began in 2014 – 2015), and some release dates, albeit tentative, still exist within the company.

As for the photos from Rockstar’s CRM system, it promises nothing more than some kind of game-themed file. There is speculation that this file could be the first GTA 6 trailer, and it will be shown on May 13.

According to the same Michael Patcher, the world of GTA 6 will be so big that it could take 500 hours to get through the game. Earlier, Chris Klippel, industry insider and creator of Rockstar Magazine and Naughty Dog Magazine, said that GTA 6 uses the RAGE 9 engine, “ahead of its time”.

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